Bigg Boss 11 11th December Full episode download Nomination Special

Bigg Boss 11 11th December Full episode download Nomination Special

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BB 11 11th Dec Written Update 

Day 70
Inmates wake up to song dhol le, they all dance and enjoy.

Hiten says to Vikas that Puneesh is scathe red that we will cheat him as we didn’t tell truth to Arshi. Vikas says Arshi saved you, you saved Shilpa, Priyank saved Arshi just for image, what mistake you did was to not tell Arshi.

Priyank asks Arshi if she talked to Hiten? Arshi says Hiten doesn’t matter to me anymore, I saved Hiten when no one did.

Puneesh says to Shilpa that Hiten’s truth had to come out, he played the double game. Shilpa says Hiten wanted to be in good books of Arshi. Puneesh says they are scathe red of Arshi. Shilpa says Hiten wanted the support of Arshi, that’s he didn’t take stand for me too. Puneesh says Aakash is same, he said that one week I will stay with Arshi and one week I will stay with Shilpa, Shilpa says Arshi asked him to do it. Puneesh says he is making another story with Arshi, he is kissing her, sleeping in her bed, he talks about it openly. Shilpa says it’s Arshi’s mistake, she shouldn’t be strict with him.

Luv says to Hina that you did this with me.Hina says it happens in friendship, I am sorry, you said about me too. Luv says I could have put your picture too. Hina says I want to solve this, you are judging on one thing, how many times I shouldn’t say sorry? you can at least talk. Luv says go ahead and nominate me. Hina says too much reaction, we love you. Luv says don’t try to take reaction, Hina says solve it, enough, Luv says enough, he leaves. Priyank asks her to let him be for sometime.

Luv comes to camera and says I am the showing anger and some are for fun only so inmates think that I am cut out with them but it’s not true. Luv says let’s see what is going on in minds then back to friends.
Hina says to Arshi that Luv takes time to cool down but if you did mistake then I will stick with a magnet.

Luv comes to Arshi, he writes a note with the red nail polish and keeps a note on Hina’s bedside table. She sees it and says jerk, he won’t talk but keep a note, dog, jerk.

Hina says to Priyank that Luv left a note on my bedside table ‘get well soon’. Priyank says I think he has a soft corner for you, Hina says maybe nothing wrong with that. Priyank says yes he has and no issues with that. Priyank says he won’t agree, he is shy in this matter. Hina says he knows about my relation too.

Hina says to Luv that I am ill and you are not melting too? I am sorry. Luv says it’s all done now, it’s my last week, you both matter to me only and you both kicked me. Hina says we are apologizing.Luv says I don’t need it, I wouldn’t look a fool to talk to you, Hina says then don’t. Luv gets up and leaves. Luv comes back and sees Hina crying, he holds her hand. Priyank says now forgive her. Hina says no I will keep apologizing, she cries. Luv pulls her and hugs her tightly. Luv says it’s okay. Priyank hugs them too.

Hina asks Luv what you did whole day? Luv says I don’t want to tell, I will keep it to myself what I heard. Priyank says tell us, why you try to hide everything? Luv says I don’t want to tell anything. Priyank says don’t expect us to keep asking, Luv says they don’t lick. Priyank says talk nicely. Luv says talk calmly, Priyank says get lost. Priyank says to talk with respect. Luv charges at him. Hina tries to push Luv away. Priyank says don’t tell me all this. Luv says I will not spare you, you want to mess.

Priyank says you want to mess. Luv says he is egoistic, you don’t know me. Priyank says do what you want, the show me what you can. Luv says don’t mess with me. Priyank says I messed, what can you do? uncle, what you can do? Luv says don’t bring my parents, don’t bring my father in this. he charges at Priyank but Hina stops him. Hina asks Priyank to not bring his father, Luv leaves. Priyank says he is calling me egoistic and all that. Luv comes back. Hina says what is all this? Luv says I am sorry if you felt bad about the egoistic word I used, it’s a big thing. Priyank says I am not forgiving, I am not the soft heart. Hina says oh God, you both fight so much, there is no majority here.

Nominations Day 11th Dec

Day 71
Aakash says to Shilpa that when you go old, your teeth will come out. Shilpa says I will remain like this, bacteria in your mouth. Aakash pulls her cheek. Shilpa says I won’t scare you, she kicks him.aakash says let me pull your cheek last time, he pulls her cheek, she pushes him away.

Hiten reads nomination the task, it will be different this time, there will be two teams. The team Red will have Shilpa, Hiten, Priyank, and Luv. Team blue will have Aakash, Puneesh, Vikas, and Hina. There are the red and blue sections in the garden and there is a tree between those sections, and on the tree, there are apples hanging with inmates photos of them, both teams have to try that their team members’ apples remain on the tree more than the other team till the end of the task, Arshi will be safe in this the task but she will have an important role in this, every time when gong plays, Arshi will choose apple of any inmate whom she wants to nominate and break it. There will be five gongs play in this the task after that whose team have more apples remaining on the tree will be safe from nominations and other teams will get nominated. Puneesh starts singing Arshi Arshi.

Aakash says to Arshi that this is your chance to make me, you hate Shilpa, Hiten, Priyank, this is your chance to save me, you will right? Arshi says I promise. Vikas says I hope I could save my team but there is no way.Hina says she got the power like no one else. Arshi says everyone has to pacify me, even Shilpa too. Shilpa says to save my team, I can say only that, don’t expect me to pacify more.

Luv says to Hiten that Arshi promised me to save me if she becomes captain.
Vikas says to Arshi that save whom you want. Puneesh says you know who kept your trust here and who didn’t. Arshi says I won’t take revenge from everyone, I will see both teams, I will see whose team matters more. Hina says if I had a chance, I wouldn’t have saved Luv and Priyank. Puneesh says I wouldn’t have saved Aakash and Vikas. Arshi calls Shilpa and says if I save another team then I will be able to save Aakash and Puneesh. Shilpa says Luv said you promised him to save him. Arshi says it’s not about Luv only, it’s team here, Aakash and Puneesh are on other team and they are my friends, what shouldn’t I do? Shilpa says I wouldn’t suggest taking a risk.Arshi says Puneesh or Aakash will leave, I cant fight them for Luv.

Hina says to Priyank and Luv that Shilpa will try to convince Arshi to save your team. Vikas says to Arshi that do what you want, I am with you in every decision, it’s fine. Aakash says to Arshi that if you nominate me then it’s fine. Arshi says crazy.

Aakash is leaving the garden. Vikas says to Hiten that Aakash is going mad. Arshi asks Aakash if he will go to jail? Aakash says okay.
Vikas says to Hiten that I am in danger in front of Aakash, he is entertaining. Hiten asks Vikas to ask Arshi to target Aakash. Vikas jokes with Arshi that attack Aakash, he will die right then, Arshi laughs. Vikas says then say dialogues, then attack Luv in end. Aakash says I know we will win at the end, Arshi loves me and if she doesn’t then she will see. Arshi says he is threatening that he will make my week hell, she asks Shilpa if Aakash left this weekend, would you be fine in two days? Shilpa says in two hours. Arshi says Aakash always stood for me and Vikas never saved me from going to jail, Hiten never accepted my love. Hiten says cut my name but then you have to cut two names of another team, all laugh.

Gong plays, Arshi says I want to cut Aakash’s name from the tree, all laugh. Arshi says he is always a trouble for us, it’s about the game, she cuts Aakash’s name. Aakash says wow. Vikas says to Arshi that next two names from the red team. She nods.

Arshi says to Hiten that I will shock Vikas too, Arshi laughs.

Gong plays, Arshi says I will cut Hina’s apple first, she says I don’t think Hina deserves to be saved, she is not playing as nicely as before. Vikas says snake Arshi, you want to make this team lose? Arshi says I want to make it more interesting, Vikas says what if they stop this game now? Arshi says they said they will play gong 5 times.
Priyank says to Hina that next will be Shilpa, me and Luv and our team will lose not yours.
Vikas says to Luv that if you made me win in a baby the task then you wouldn’t have been saved in this the task. Luv says I have no regrets.Priyank laughs and says to Luv that this is egoistic.

Vikas says to Arshi that if you want to make the red team lose then don’t cut Hiten’s name. Hina says to Luv that Vikas said to Arshi that why did you cut blue team’s apples when you have to make the red team lose in end, you are stretching the task, he is getting saved and wants comfort too.

Gong plays, Arshi says I want to cut Shilpa’s name from the red team as she never understood my side too and also she is the strong player and stronger ones scare more, she cuts Shilpa’s name.

Luv says to Arshi that you promised to save me, what if you don’t get power after that? you cant go back on your promise. Arshi says I didn’t back out from my promise till now.

Gong plays, Arshi says I want to cut Luv’s name from the red team, he doesn’t deserve to be in the game, just a little less, she cuts his name and says sorry, he says it’s okay.

Gong plays, Hiten says please save us. Arshi says one side is my friend Vikas and one side is my love Hiten, Aakash and Puneesh are my hearts and Luv, Priyank is part of my heart too. She says I want to cut Priyank’s name from the red team because he shouldn’t be with people whom he has been playing with. Arshi says you shouldn’t be with them instead of cheating them by playing.

Bigg boss says to inmates that nominations are done, Arshi cut more apples from the red team so team members of the red team that are LUV, PRIYANK, SHILPA, and HITEN are nominated. Aakash dances.

Bigg Boss 11 11th December Full episode download Nomination Special

Hiten says to Arshi that you could cut my name. Arshi says you insulted me by taking Shilpa’s name and lying to me. Hiten says I didn’t tell you because you wouldn’t get angry right away that we are playing a game, Shilpa favors the red me so I favor the red her. Arshi says till when we will save Puneesh? Hiten says your favorite red and ended this, you ask Vikas till when we have to save him, Arshi says we can save till so much, Hiten says my mind is clear, I don’t know the double game.

Shilpa says to Puneesh that asks Aakash to not touch me, I keep asking him to not joke with me, I am not Arshi. Hiten says to tell him clearly. Shilpa says he hugs me too tightly Shilpa says I don’t like his touch.

Luv says to Aakash that Shilpa doesn’t like your touch, you don’t do that if she doesn’t like it, she is way senior to you. Aakash comes to Shilpa and says you don’t like it, Shilpa says there is a limit, Aakash says it’s a joke. Luv says to draw a line, Shilpa thanks, Aakash. Aakash says give hi-five.

Luv says to Hina that Shilpa doesn’t like Aakash touching her so I made him explain. Hina says Shilpa is quite strong to tell him, Hiten says I told her to stop him in the first time. Vikas says Shilpa said that he used to kiss like son and mother but now he is extra. Hina says Shilpa is strong enough, Luv you don’t have to interfere, Luv says Shilpa said that she tries to convey him but he doesn’t listen, she even thanked me for talking to him. Hina says okay okay if you had the conversation with Shilpa then fine. Arshi says Aakash used to kiss her from way before.Vikas says she started feeling uncomfortable.

Puneesh says to Arshi and Aakash that we are good players if we are sitting here, Arshi says we will play our game. aakash says we will save us three and Shilpa. Arshi says we don’t need to save Shilpa, she is already famous. Aakash says she is the gamer, I don’t want to play with her, I don’t want her in the show. Arshi says to Puneesh that I and Aakash gave attention to Shilpa.

Puneesh comes to Shilpa and says Aakash and Arshi were talking that they don’t want you in the show, they want you out, they gave you attention and made you famous. Shilpa laughs.

Aakash says to Arshi that we have to fight Shilpa but how? Arshi says now your touching will come up on weekend, Aakash says I won’t kiss her now, I am mad to call her mother, she enjoys when she wants, this is an issue now. Aakash says I won’t let it be an issue. Shilpa says to Hiten that they both are clever, they fool me emotionally.
Aakash comes to Hiten that she has made an issue of the kiss so now everyone will talk about her.

Puneesh says to Aakash that don’t bring this topic. Arshi says Shilpa used to call Aakash son and now she gets other feelings from Aakash’s kiss? Puneesh says I am telling you smart thing, the more you bring this topic, the more you will get insulted, she is a girl, whatever you say in this matter, you will look bad, I won’t say again but it will take you down, don’t bring it up

.Hiten says to Shilpa that they are making it issue now. Aakash says to Arshi that if Salman scolds me then I will say sorry and say that I used to kiss my mother, sir you know my girlfriend is Arshi, he kisses Arshi’s cheek, Arshi laughs.

PRECAP– Vikas reads the task that some inmates will be robots, Vikas have to bring out human emotions out of these robots. Luv tickles Priyank robot. Hina is a robot. Vikas says Hina so fake and hypocrite, spilling filth, breaking relations, she plays very disgustingly. Vikas says to Priyank that you are the cheapest person. Vikas says to Aakash robot that you don’t know how to touch girl nicely? they will beat you so much outside frog.

Bigg Boss 11 11th December Full episode download Nomination Special

Bigg Boss 11 11th December Full episode download Nomination Special

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