Bigg Boss 11 12th December Episode download Full HD

Bigg Boss 11 12th December Episode download Full HD

Day 72: 8 AM
Inmates wake up to song manwa emotion jaage re, they all dance and enjoy.

9 AM
Aakash asks Shilpa whom she would like to dance with? Priyank and Luv? Priyank says we won’t do it. Shilpa says Aakash you have given me enough respect. Aakash says I gave you a character of Maa. Shilpa says you gave me the character? you have disrespected me. Aakash says I didn’t say anything extra to you, I have two girlfriends and Arshi too. Shilpa says to Puneesh that Arshi I have told him to not touch and cross limit’s, if he doesn’t understand it then I had to make him understand sternly.

Aakash says to Shilpa that I respect you, I am sorry, forgive me. Shilpa says somethings cross limit’s so you understand then we will end it here. Aakash says I will kiss Arshi. Shilpa says it’s my

mistake that I allowed you to kiss and hug but you went overboard, let’s end it, Aakash says cool. Aakash goes to Arshi and says give me a kiss. Aakash cuddles her and kisses her cheek. Arshi laughs.

2:45 PM
Vikas reads luxury the task ‘BB lab’, there will be robots in lab and they have no emotions, inmates have to bring out human emotions in robots. When buzzer plays, robots have sat on benches and then on a slider, inmates will get a emotion, they have to bring that emotion out of robots, there will be three emotions that are anger, humor, and cry. Workers will try to bring out those emotions on Robots’ faces. Vikas, Shilpa, Luv, and Arshi will be workers in the lab. Hina, Hiten, Priyank, and Aakash will be robots and Puneesh is a referee of the task.

Luv says to Hina that we have to do the task.Hina says you perform, give your 100% Vikas says to Shilpa that I have made a plan, we will win but right now, if it’s anger, then small emotion can be fine,we will have to be brutal.

Priyank says to Hina that it’s good the task, it will be word badness only, no physical thing.

Vikas says to Aakash that you have to lose the task. Aakash says no I cant do it. Vikas says you promised to be on our side. Vikas says to Puneesh that he is not on our side. Puneesh says I will be fair here, I won’t be siding any team.

Hina asks Puneesh how emotions will be counted? Puneesh says small smile will be humor, crying will be clear too but anger will be like red face too.
Buzzer plays, Arshi says to Shilpa that she can bring out anger, she says things like that. Vikas says to Arshi that be a snake, I cant be harsher. Luv says we have to try our best. Shilpa says to Arshi that Hina is a nice actress, she cries for show only, she cries too much so she might cry in the task to keep that up.

Buzzer plays, workers come in the lab. Puneesh says first emotion to bring out is anger. Puneesh asks who is their first target? Vikas says let’s try Aakash. Vikas says Aakash acts like a kid but he is not, he doesn’t value word mother, this baldie is a liar, you lie and you use family to make the sad story, Shilpa says he came in charity here. Vikas says he brings the family here for sob stories. Vikas says India will see your reality. Aakash blinks and tries to not move. Vikas says he gave a reaction, next is Hina. Vikas says to Shilpa that Hina is a big actress, she things chaalo is a big curse? she lied that Rohan is two years younger than her and she is 29 years old but she is 30 years, she lies a lot, she uses so much mind in throwing filth. Shilpa says Hina is thankless. ‘

Vikas says she has to put others down, she shows her friendship but always throws her friends under bus, she is hypocrite and fake. Shilpa says she is not good actress here like in the show. Vikas says she makes issues, she break relations, she have done so many bad things here, Hina blinks, Vikas says she showed emotion. Vikas and Shilpa move to Priyank. Vikas sees bracelet there, Vikas says he is cheap like this, I gave him this bracelet so he kept it here so I will go easy on him, you play behind girls, you wanted to be a hero so beat aakash for me and went out like I couldnt handle Aakash, you cameback and wanted to make an issue so went against me and became Hina’s friend, you make a love story in every show, you used to get in Ben’s bed and everything, Ben was playing nice, she was better than Luv.Luv says why he is insulting me. Vikas says he destroyed Ben’s game. Vikas says he called me gay, he brought my s*xuality, he called me bi-s*xual so he becomes an alpha male, he will be safe.

Vikas says to Luv that I am saying the truth about them in this the task, we will talk about what happened after Divya came between Hina and Priyank, Luv says we cant do it, I will talk about curses Priyank do. Vikas says we have to bring out emotions.

4 PM
Vikas and Luv come in the lab, Vikas says this Priyank doesn’t respect girls, calls them cows, use them, shame them, curse them, you are cheap. Vikas says you said that you made relation with Divya for show only, you said it was fake, you are such a liar, what Divya was saying here? what was that if it was fake?
Shilpa says to Arshi that Hina is falling down, her stardom is going down, she just sit’s on bed whole day and backbite, Salman said that you are decked up the whole day but still your face is scowling all the time, she makes a scowling face, Arshi laughs.

Vikas says this Hina provokes others and enjoys fights. Buzzer plays, Puneesh this emotion time is over. Hiten asks Priyank and Hina to relax for next emotion.
Puneesh writes points for anger emotion of robots. Puneesh writes Priyank showed 3 times, Hina 1 time, Hiten and Aakash 0 times.

Vikas says to Shilpa and Luv that Priyank said to Hina that I am bi-s*xual, who the hell is he? did I date him? how does he know? he says anything.

Puneesh says to Hina that I was fair, Hina says I didn’t show any emotion, Puneesh says it’s not an emotion but twitching, Hina says you gulp after some time, Puneesh says I saw emotions, he leaves. Hina says why he brought s*xual orientation? Priyank says I will answer Vikas tomorrow.

Luv says to Vikas that my friends will break in the task, Vikas says you are saying right things for the task.
Priyank says to Hiten that Vikas is bringing wrong points. Hina whispers to Priyank that Don’t trust Hiten, he is Vikas’s friend. Arshi says to Shilpa and Vikas that Hina has to cry now, she cries on everything so she has to cry in the task. Arshi memories lines from Hina’s mother which she sent her.

5 PM
Buzzer plays, Puneesh shows next emotion, it’s crying. Shilpa and Arshi come to the lab.Arshi says to Priyank that Priyank was so sad when all mothers came and his mother didn’t come, he wanted his mother most, he cried in Vikas’s mother’s arms, he misses his mother, he is alone here, his close friend is not with him too, Shilpa says maybe his mother didn’t want to meet him? Priyank what if your mother says that you did misbehavior in show so she doesn’t want to meet you? you should do things that will make your mother proud. Priyank nods, Shilpa says he is nodding. Arshi says Hina cries on word Ro (Rocky), she loves this word Ro, she says lines from her mothers too. Shilpa says I will send Luv. Arshi says Hina would have gone out of the house with Ro, she is incomplete without Ro. Vikas asks Arshi to come out of lab and let him go. Arshi asks Hina how you felt when Ro was leaving? Vikas says we Don’t have time? Arshi says I am doing my the task, let me do it. Arshi says Hina loves Ro the most.Arshi says she has tears in her eyes.Puneesh looks closer.

Luv asks Vikas if we can do a happy dance? we can call you gocheego. Vikas says I won’t bring the personal thing, if you use it then they will use it too, you can make fun of me, I have said bitter words so if you make fun of me then they will enjoy and smile.

Buzzer plays, cry emotion time ends. Puneesh writes Hina 1 point and Priyank 2 points. Hina says I will laugh in laughing the task. Priyank is emotional.Hina hugs him and says Don’t cry. Arshi says to Vikas that they had tears in eyes, you are angry for no reason. Puneesh says to Vikas that Arshi was doing best then why you were interrupting her Vikas?

Vikas says to Arshi that we will make Luv wear Arshi’s clothes.Shilpa makes him wear apples under his shirt for br*asts. Arshi wears a pillow under her suit as a pregnant woman and says it’s Hitu’s baby, Vikas laughs and says do it.

Arshi and Luv come in the lab. Buzzer plays, Luv is dressed as a woman.Arshi and Luv laughs, Puneesh is laughing too. Arshi says look at Luv. Hina laughs and cant control her smile.Luv shows her his wig. Arshi and Luv laughs around Hiten, Hiten bursts out laughing.Luv says sees Aakash goochipoo as come, Aakash starts laughing, Hina laughs continuously. Luv makes Hiten laugh more. Puneesh says Luv destroyed them in this the task. Vikas and Shilpa come to the lab next.Vikas says to Priyank that I want to eat chutni.. Priyank starts laughing, Vikas jokes, Priyank cant stop his smile. Arshi and Shiloa come next. Arshi is dressed as the pregnant woman, Aakash laughs. Arshi says Hitu see what happened, Shilpa shows him the soft toy and says see who the baby looks like? Hiten laughs and says Puneesh Don’t laugh, Puneesh says I am human too.Luv comes there wearing apple undershirt as br*asts, Hiten and Priyank start laughing.
Puneesh writes points for laughing emotions, Priyank showed 17 times, Aakash 6 times, Hina 7 times, Hiten 16 times
so total is 46 times.

7 PM
Workers get anger emotion again. Vikas and Arshi come to Aakash and says he is slouched, old man, you are so ugly and bad looking, look at mirror sometimes, he talks so big, you say you are tennis champion? from where? look at me? look me in the eyes, you kiss Shilpa like mother and then touched her wrongly, now you won’t bang bang? you said you made chityan kaliyan song? Meet bros took it from you? Did they take credit? Buzzer plays. Aakash says I helped them in rap, Vikas hugs him and says it’s the task. Aakash says I won’t spare you Vikas tomorrow, you are done now, you brought my family so I will bring your family.

Puneesh writes robots points for this emotion session, he says Aakash showed emotion 4 times, Hina 1 times, Priyank and Hiten 0 times. Bigg boss says time for today’s the task has ended.Puneesh says final score of this robots’ team is 60.

Aakash says Vikas brought my family, me not touching girls nicely, I won’t spare Vikas. Shilpa says you did things, you kissed Arshi on lips? Aakash says yes and I will miss her if she doesn’t stop me, she kissed me too, I am a playboy, Shilpa says respect to age, Aakash says I have no respect, I will do what I want.

Hina says to Priyank that Vikas did bad things, said bad things but I won’t clear because he misbehaves then.

Aakash says to Arshi that Shilpa is becoming your friend again, become her friend and go till end, Arshi says I will go till the end, she is my friend and she can’t go ahead without me and you.

Aakash says to Vikas that Don’t meet me outside. Vikas says I was doing me the task. Shilpa says Vikas saved you from nominations. Aakash says Arshi saved team not only for Vikas but for me too. Vika says I was too deep in the task, I am sorry Aakash. Aakash says you went to my family, you went personal, you went to my mom and grandma. Vikas says what did I say? why are you shouting? Aakash says I am an entertainer, I am champion myself, I am self-made, I made myself strong, I worked hard, my mother supported me, I made my name, I met Meet Bros and rocked shows, I didn’t take a penny from my mother, I will be a billionaire in this life.

11 PM
Aakash says this Vikas threw tea on Shilpa’s clothes, made Hina and Shilpa cry, I won’t say anything else in the task, I am tired of seeing this oldie Vikas’s face, I want to go home now, hopefully, they will call him women event and beat like they beat Swami Om. All laugh. Puneesh says good night bro, Aakash says Don’t call me bro now, all laugh.

PRECAP– Vikas is a robot and Priyank is worker now. Priyank says here is the statue of truth Vikas. Priyank says to Vikas that you say I faked my relation with Ben here, you didn’t get girls, did I say anything? Hina says who the hell are you, Vikas Gupta? you say I provoke everyone? problem is that I Don’t follow you, you think I am a girl and will get scared? sorry.

Bigg Boss 11 12th December Episode download Full HD

Bigg Boss 11 12th December Episode download Full HD

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