Bigg Boss 11 20th Dec Full Episode download BB Poultry

Bigg Boss 11 20th Dec Full Episode download BB Poultry

Bigg Boss 11 20th Dec Full Episode download BB Poultry PRECAP– All inmates are fighting to get Vikas’s egg, Hina tries to get it, Vikas pushes her away, Hina says you can’t touch me, Vikas says you throw yourself on boys and then say don’t touch me, you take unjust advantage of being a woman. Hina says you are saying bad stuff.

Aakash runs, snatches Vikas’s egg and throws it in the pool before anyone can catch. He screams in delight. Hina runs and hugs him, Shilpa hugs him too.

Wow, things are very amazing in the Bigg Boss Season 11 Now. In last two-three weeks, everybody is playing the game with his mind and tries to make friends and break other friends too.

Yesterday You have seen in Bigg Boss 11

The contestants wake up to the song ‘Kukkad Kamaal Da’. Arshi wishes Akash but he ignores her. Vikas makes Priyank and Luv sort out their differences. Puneesh Sharma tells Shilpa Shinde that,  Now Vikas will use both Priyank Sharma and Luv Tyagi for his own advantage.

Vikas Gupta announces the captaincy cum luxury budget task. The contestants will have to protect their eggs from being thrown in the pool for a certain period of time. The contestants start planning their game and make teams. Like every task, Vikas Gupta tried to make a game plan and gets people on his side of the team as he usually dis before.

Puneesh’s egg comes out first. Akash says that he won’t play the game. He then asks for the rules of the game and casually walks to the egg, picks it up and throws it in the pool. Everyone is shocked that Puneesh didn’t react to it.

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