Bigg Boss 11 29th December Friday Ka Faisla HD Download

Bigg Boss 11 29th December Friday Ka Faisla HD Download” Bigg Boss has given the Special secret task to Vikash Gupta in which he has to blame other inmates for different things.Here is the Precap of 29th Dec Episode – Bigg boss calls Vikas through a phone which Vikas hides. Bigg boss says this is your secret task, you have to make one inmate cry and put a blame of stealing on one inmate. Bigg boss asks Vikas to make sure Aakash doesn’t go to jail.

Puneesh says Aakash should go to jail, Vikas says Aakash didn’t get nice after going to jail 7 times so why send him now. Hina says you are doing wrong. Vikas hides coffee jar under Aakash’s bed. He shows it to inmates and says Aakash stole it. Aakash says don’t say rubbish. Hina says what the hell is Vikas doing?

Bigg Boss 11 28th December 2017 Written Update by Atiba

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Day 88: 8 AM
Inmates and neighbors wake up to song mummy.. daddy.
they all dance and enjoy.

9:15 AM
Vikas’s mom says to Bandagi that I used to see Vikas cry, I cant see kids crying, I used to see how Vikas used to bear Shinde, people then asked me if Vikas is marrying Shinde. Bandagi says what do you say? Vikas’s mom says if Shinde is okay then I am okay with them too but people say anything.

in the house, Shinde says to Puneesh that Vikas got what he deserved, he came in this house for this, I had to pay back what he did with me, he is not going ahead. Shinde says that’s why he is in the show, I took on him smiling, I pity him. Puneesh says ego comes to people, but he is not egoistic anymore.

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1 PM
Tyagi reads last challenge, all inmates to have made a gift basket for their relatives, the one whose basket is liked by most guests will win the challenge, they have to make creative baskets. Tyagi the shows his jacket to the camera and says my mom know how much this jacket means to me and I am gifting it. Puneesh says I cant make these baskets and all, Aakash says my mom used to make gifts for my girlfriends used to make it but I am making it now. Hina makes her basket and comes to the storeroom, she says I have a picture that gives me strength but you are my strength Ro so I am gifting it to you. Shinde puts family’s photo in the frame.

Shinde says I have a family picture but papa is not in it so I have added in the photo and gifting it, she puts gift and leaves. Vikas comes there and he shows his gift, he says it has a ring that my mom gifted 8 years back. vikas’s mom cries seeing it. Bandagi consoles her. Aakash the shows his gift and says it has Unis*x perfume, tissues and my safety award in this basket, mom I am giving it to you. Priyank the shows his gift, Priyank says I have added my hair in in basket which I love a lot, I have given my beanies too. Priyank’s mom cries seeing it. Rocky says this is difficult decision to take.

Tyagi’s mom says to Priyank and Aakash’s mom and says we know its a show, no mom should criticize others, kids. Bigg boss asks them to mutually decide who they choose as a winner. All moms thank their kids for giving them gifts. The call is connected to the house, moms are in tears. Bandagi thanks Puneesh for the gift. Aakash says I am feeling like crying too see moms. Puneesh says Priyank’s mom looks very innocent. Neighbors are tensed about who to choose, Rocky sniffles and sniff perfume Hina gave him, Hina smiles. Aakash says my mom cant cry, chill out. Bigg boss asks guests whose gift was the best? Rocky says make anyone win, this is personal the task and all were good so make anyone win.Hina says I am so proud of you Ro, I love you. Bandagi says all are winners for us in this the task, Rocky says all are winners.

2:30 PM
Vikas says I don’t think they will leave without a meeting, Shinde says they are part of the game right now too, you people will say that I don’t have emotions. Vikas says you don’t have it. Shinde says you can say anything, but they are part of a game too. Bandagi says to Shinde’s brother that Shinde looks strong but she has emotions.

Bigg boss says to neighbors that they haven’t told their decision. Rocky says its difficult in this the task, we cant decide. Vikas’s mom says all are winners in this the task. Bigg boss says you are absolutely right. A call is connected to house. Bigg boss says when you don’t take mutual decision then the task is usually discarded but this is different, guests have done what inmates couldn’t do, we have left out the task of choosing captain through the task and all inmates will get a chance to meet their family and friends that are in neighbors’ house. Aakash jumps and says yes yes.. Hina hugs Tyagi happily.

4 PM
Bigg boss says to inmates that all have gained 60 points in the last challenge. Inmates thank Bigg boss. Bigg boss asks Priyank to stay in the garden and all to go to the house. Priyank’s mom comes in the house. Priyank cries and hugs her, Priyank’s mom consoles and says don’t cry, she cries too. Vikas is in tears seeing them. Priyank asks if they will scold him for anything? Mom says no we are proud of you. Priyank says you are not angry? mom says no…. Bigg boss asks Priyank to send his mom to gate. Mom asks him to take care and don’t cry, Priyank the shows his mom the inmates through the glass door, Priyank’s mom says all moms are nice, we had a good time, all wave at her. Priyank hugs his mom and says you are looking nice, she says you saw me after days that’s why Priyank’s mom leaves. Vikas and Hina comes and hugs him. Tyagi pats him too.

Puneesh says to Shinde that I want to see Vikas’s reunion with his mom too. Shinde says same crying and all. Puneesh says he will cry in the ground, Priyank was crying and saying that I did mistakes not deliberately. Shinde says Priyank’s mom is very innocent, he can easily fool her, Puneesh says she looks very sweet.

4:30 PM
Tyagi is in the garden. Tyagi’s mom comes there. Tyagi hugs her tightly and cries, he asks if she is happy? she says a lot. Inmates see him cry from far. Shinde says that crazy Tyagi is crying. Tyagi’s mom wipes her tears silently, she says you have gotten weak, Tyagi asks who is watching? she says everyone is watching, they all are happy to see you. Shinde sees them and says I will throw my brother in the pool so we will get more time. Aakash says its too cold. Tyagi’s mom says you are playing nicely, Tyagi says what happened to you? why are you so in shock? she says I am seeing after so many days. Tyagi’s mom waves at everyone and leaves the house.

Bandagi comes in the house. Puneesh runs to her and hugs her, he says baby.. she hugs him tightly and says congrats you are safe this time too, you are playing nicely. All inmates are seeing them. Bandagi says I thought to not cry. Puneesh gives her a kiss on cheek, she says you are playing very nicely. Bandagi waves at all inmates. Puneesh asks her to take care, he kisses her forehead and says love you darling. Bandagi says bye to everyone and leaves. Puneesh comes in the house and says it was so fun, Shinde says I was saying take Puneesh too.

5 PM
Hina is in the garden waiting for Rocky. Shinde says we will see the filmy scene now, Hina cry and says Ro take me take me with you.. Hina laughs at them. Rocky comes in the house. Hina runs and hugs him, Hina says you were doing so good, how you handled everything there. All inmates shout to take her with you, Shinde says we don’t know how you handle her, take her. Hina asks Rocky if everyone is fine? Rocky says let everything go, just focus, Hina says can I win this the show? Rocky says you will win the show, Hina hugs him. Rocky waves at inmates through the door, all wave at him, Aakash asks Rocky to take Hina, Puneesh says bye Hina. Rocky asks Hina to not cry, Vikas says she threaten us that she will make Rocky beat everyone. Shinde says Rocky looks like he can get beaten up. Rocky hugs Hina and leaves. All tease Hina and cheer for her.

Shinde’s brother comes to a ouse. Shinde hugs him and says how is it? he says you are playing so nicely, she says I can’t believe I am the showing you Bigg boss house. Shinde asks if he wants to meet the jerks? Shinde’s brother waves at everyone, Puneesh says your beanie is nice, Aakash says Shinde make us work a lot, Puneesh says she has made us servants, brother laughs. He says to Shinde that its so difficult to stay here, I went mad in that house, Shinde says I know, I don’t want to cry. Inmates see Shinde crying and says now we will tease her, they all make crying noises, Shinde laughs. Bigg boss asks brother to leave. Shinde’s brother gives his beanie to Shinde, he waves at everyone and leaves. Shinde comes inside, all inmates tease her for crying, Vikas pulls her cheeks, Hina hugs her.

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5:30 PM
Aakash says to Vikas that finally, relatives are going home, I was bored with them. Shinde says it was fun, they didn’t fight. Aakash says they fight or do any drama, just crying and boring people. Hina says they did the show a little fight but was all just a little pinch for the show.

5:45 PM
Aakash’s mom comes in the house. Aakash touches her feet and hugs her, mom asks Aakash to not do any deal, not trust anyone, Aakash says don’t be sad if I lose, she says I know. Puneesh says he took mom aside. Aakash says you have gained weight, she says I know. Mom says don’t trust anyone, they will take advantage of you but won’t give it back. Aakash makes his mom meet inmates through the glass door, all wave at her, she asks Puneesh to be friends with Aakash, Vikas asks if she got angry, she says I get angry easily but I won’t say anything, come to my house then I will tell, all laugh. Aakash hugs his mom, his mom leaves. Aakash comes inside and says she is crazy. Vikas says she doesn’t like us fighting, Vikas hugs him tightly. Shinde says to Puneesh that mom asked to take care of Aakash, she knows how he is.

Shinde says to Aakash that your mother is worried for you, Aakash says she doesn’t want me to fight with friends, she told me to not trust anyone, don’t play for others, play individually, just be friends with Puneesh and Shinde. Puneesh says we all will go, stay calm. Shinde says don’t listen to Vikas in the tasks, Aakash says we will hold Shinde’s path. Puneesh says I don’t take Vikas’s side in the tasks.

6 PM
Vikas’s mom comes in the house, Vikas hugs her and says don’t cry, I love you so much, he lifts her, and makes her sit down on his lap. Vikas’s mom gives him kisses on cheeks and says be fine in the house, you have lost weight, eat food, my son. Vikas says I miss you, Vikas’s mom says I was fine, Vikas says I know you were tensed there, I was worried for you, its just a few more days and then I will be with you. Vikas’s mom waves at everyone, all inmates greet her. Vikas lifts his mom and sends her out of the house.

9 PM
Aakash says to Shinde that you are crazy. Shinde says I have become crazy here. Puneesh says no you have controlled her, you made a 6ft guy try to jump out of the house, you made him crazy, you are something. Aakash says Shinde you should flip again on him. Puneesh says just give us a trailer once more before leaving, let’s play with him, poke him again. Shinde says no I am not crazy, Puneesh says just for a little time, just start it and we will see how he reacts, Shinde says I will play a little, I will flip and poke him. Aakash says just to see what I am going to do. They laugh and plan to poke and irritate Vikas.

Bigg Boss 11 29th December Friday Ka Faisla HD Download

Bigg Boss 11 29th December Friday Ka Faisla HD Download

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